What am I missing from Discography?

01 Aug 2007 15:33

At the end of 1991 I emigrated to the USA and returned in 2002. I was completely unaware of the Franks until 2005 when I went along to the Savoy gig with a friend of mine - what a gig that was! So, I basically missed out on them while I was away but since returning, I have tried to get every track they ever released ... being of a rather compulsive nature :) ... so can anyone tell me if there are still Franks tracks that I have not heard from the following collection? ...

1. Trains boats and planes
2. Grand Parade
3. Beauty Becomes More than Life Itself
4. Glass
5. Souvenirs (Discs 1 to 3)
6. Best of Album + DVD
7. A renewed interest in happiness
8. Miles and Miles single
9. Fight single

I see that there are numerous single releases that appear to now be on the Souvenirs discs. But I am not sure about that.

01 Aug 2007 17:53

loads of the ep's. I bought them all in the 90's. Check ebay, they're always on there if you want them. I got a disc labeled Set 009 CD, its a compliation of fashion crisis and walters trip

01 Aug 2007 19:02

Thanks, H. I think I will go ahead and try to collect the singles anyway.

Almost all of the songs on the singles seem to be on the Souvenirs discs though and I was just curious to know if any of them are missing.

Do you know if it's possible to get all of the singles in CD format, or will I need to get some on vinyl?

01 Aug 2007 20:24

Heres my collection - think I've got most things!


Fight FIF1002 April 07
Miles & Miles FIS1001 Sept 06
You asked me No reference Sept 05
Underground SETCD082 Jan 01
Something happened to me SETCD074 Feb 00
Plenty Times SETCD064 Oct 99
How can I exist 97
Colours SETCD051 Aug 96
Colours SSE665088 2 Aug 96
Indian Ocean HOOCD6 Jun 96
Indian Ocean EP WK36457 97
Fashion crisis CD 1 of 2 HOOCD5 Apr 93
Fashion crisis CD 2 of 2 HOACD5 Apr 93
After all CD 1 of 2 HOOCD4 Dec 92
After all CD 2 of 2 HOCCD4 Dec 92
This is not a song HOOCD3 Sept 92
Lawrence Oliver/Angela Grey promo 7” flexi 92
Happy Busman HOOCD2 Mar 92
We are the F&W 7 “ flexi 92
Fashion Crisis EP SET009CD 91
Daisy chain promo 7” 91
EP2 12” Fashion crisis SET009 Oct 91
EP1 12” Walters trip SET007 Jul 91


A renewed interest in happiness FICD003 Oct 06
Best of the F&W FICD002 July 06 Bonus DVD
Souvenirs FICD001 Oct 05
Souvenirs extra CD No reference Oct 05
Best of the F&W SETCD104 Aug 02
Glass SETCD079 Oct 00
Beauty becomes more than life SETCD065 Jul 99
Grand Parade SETCD054 Jun 97
Trains, boats and planes 828 369-2 Oct 92
The F&W 162 351 005-2 92

Let me know what I'm missing!

01 Aug 2007 20:40

You can get them on cd mate, if you hunt them out, mine are all cd's

01 Aug 2007 21:00

rock n roll, b side on underground 7inch is the only one i can think of.....ash

15 Aug 2007 10:25

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a copy of the Black Sessions which is listed on the ultimate discography link? This seems to have been a live recording in Paris in 1992.

15 Aug 2007 18:50

think i have that,dont think its an official release though,is that the gig at La Cigale 92?

15 Aug 2007 18:54

there's 13 songs on my version (only 7 on the ultimate discog version) and its like a recording off the radio,one can hear the dj talking over some of the songs.......

17 Aug 2007 12:48

There are some rare "Un-official" promo CDs around that I'd say you'd only get in the second hand shops in IRE.

Robbie - where did you get the "How can I exist” single? I’d heard stories about that release but I thought it was a myth, just like Fionn MacCool or something.

17 Aug 2007 14:15

Frankie, your post is very timely because I am trying to locate 'How Can I exist' promo and 'Four Songs' promo put out on Elefant (Spanish Label).

What's Fionn MacCool by the way?

17 Aug 2007 14:18

Just to clarify the last point - did you mean there's an unofficial release titled Fionn MacCool, or were you just being metaphorical - sorry to be so dim :)

17 Aug 2007 14:22

Frankie, I just didn't read you message carefully enough and I can see I was being dim :p

Anyway, any info or help on where to locate Franks singles is much appreciated - Robbie?

17 Aug 2007 15:33

Hey cliffcake

I found most of my missing back catalogue from searching on ebay (including ebay shops - seperate search), Amazon, and putting the title and/or reference numbers into Google and seeing what came up. I ended up getting a few items shipped from the States/Germany as they seem to have more stocks than shops in the UK/Ireland and also it was cheaper - even with the shipping costs.

Hope that helps....

17 Aug 2007 18:12

Heres some links that might be useful:




If you search other ebay shops you can find loads of old stuff...

Think this is my 100th post on here!!

17 Aug 2007 19:05

Hey Robbie -

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Thanks for those links, I'm sure they will be useful.

18 Aug 2007 12:45

You can also check out www.gemm.com
seems like trustworthy place anytime I've used it

23 Aug 2007 09:45

Robbie - I don't believe that you have the "How Can I Exist" single because I don't believe it was ever pressed. Can you post an image of the cover?:)

23 Aug 2007 11:03

Its a promo CD with How can I exist, Fast Anthony and Last Train Home.

CD is as per image on discography below:


I do have it - honest!

23 Aug 2007 18:59

I've got it too. Bought it in a record fair in Middlesbrough Town Hall years ago.

I also have a cd single of Fashion Crisis Hits New York which has the following tracklisting...

1) Fashion Crisis
2) After All (Acoustic)
3) Happy Busman
4) Franks Right

The version of After All is from a Dutch Radio session. It is gorgeous as well. I never knew this existed. Anyone else have this?