Gigography (incomplete)

Gigography (incomplete)

25 Nov 2014 23:39


if anyone knows anymore gigs or has anymore info about the gigs already on the list let us know and it'll be added

all gigs have been added from this site,the franks book by jack lyons,cork rock book by mark mcavoy and a couple from the carter site :D

there's 409 gigs on the list

edit: there's 413 gigs on the list now thanks to robbie

found some more on a radiohead site bringing the total to 429

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03 Dec 2014 11:16

great job there Humph

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06 Dec 2014 10:51

The Charlotte Leicester gig you don't have a date for is 24 November 1999 - I was there! ;)

Tagged the boys on fb of a couple of pics I took - these are:




There's also a gig supporting the Wonder Stuff late August 1993 - the Tribute to the Bass Thing gig that was at the Irish Centre in Birmingham. And the tour supporting the Divine Comedy c. May 1996 is missing. I saw that at the Jug of Ale in Birmingham. Got some snaps of it in a photo album but nothing scanned in. I can dig the date out if you like? :)

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06 Dec 2014 16:16

hi lady, thanks for that,

ive done the updates but if you could dig out the date it would be great


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06 Dec 2014 16:18

Sig wrote:great job there Humph

hey sig any idea what date this was on in june 06?

The Dungloe
Derry City

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10 Dec 2014 13:33

only seeing this now. Will have a look when I get home. For years Indie Delights was the 1st Sat of each month, but that changed when I started putting on the bands. Christ, those 2 gigs in the Dungloe were unbelievable ! Humph, yourself and Keefa bused it up for the first one. ... f=bookmark ... f=bookmark

(i wish i had more footage and photos from those gigs)

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10 Dec 2014 16:50

Cheers man ,ya i remember it well :)